Think twice, act once

Health and Safety, yes that’s right we’ve said the ‘H&S’ word and it’s really not that bad. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) simply put it, “We believe everyone has the right to come home safe and well from their job. That’s why our mission is to prevent work-related death, injury and ill health.”

This is exactly how we feel at the Jehu Group, we are one of Wales’ largest independently owned construction companies and it’s about time that we started leading by example.

Over the past 18 months Health and Safety has become a real focus for us, we have invested in two key roles, Health & Safety Manager and Health & Safety Advisor to help us manage risks correctly across all our sites, boost productivity, support the economy and contribute to a fairer society.

Our Health & Safety Manager commented; “We are passionate about getting this right, and as a responsible business we want to help our workers understand how they can stay safe and look after their own and everyone else’s health.”

When I joined Jehu in July 2016 there was no consistent way in which Health and Safety was managed across the sites, so that was one of my first tasks.”

Within a few weeks we had set up a standard system of files and ‘One Hit Board’ which guaranteed a consistent approach across the business. Daily consultation meetings were introduced involving all supervisors enabling them to share where they were located daily. The next step was to standardise the induction process and demonstrate that operatives had completed an induction. This new way of working aims to help towards ensuring all staff have been fully inducted and to stop repeat information beginning received on every project. This was easily identified by issuing a sticker to be placed inside the operative’s hard hat once they’d completed their induction.

Now this process is imbedded within the business and to keep things fresh a Health & Safety DVD was recorded to be used for all new inductions in 2018. Identification of this new DVD being seen will be by use of a ‘Commitment Card’ which basically asks why do you want to go home tonight and for the supply chain to fill in the detail.

Marc Jehu, Construction Director commented; “ We have seen a positive change to how our sites are run. The safety and health of all our employees is so important to us we depend on our staff, without them we wouldn’t have a business, it’s our duty to ensure they are safe at all times.”

During September Jehu held a seminar for all its sub-contractor partners, entitled – Think twice, act one! This seemed a fitting title because when it comes to safety really there is only one chance. The seminar was a perfect forum to introduce supply chain partners to motivational safety speaker Dylan Skelhorn, who is currently the Safety Ambassador for Willmott Dixon.

Dylan worked as a Solid Fuel Heating Engineer for a small firm who specialised in Chimney work and Roofing where most of his work was at height. In June 2011 he was deployed to service a chimney. While standing on the chimney stack it collapsed and Dylan fell from 33 feet, landing on a brick wall and sustaining severe multiple injuries.

Dylan broke his pelvis, ribs and punctured a lung and now uses crutches to walk due to chronic pain, and takes a cocktail of drugs every day to help control his pain and hasn’t worked since the incident. Now aged 35, Dylan has the opportunity to tell his profoundly sad story from the heart with the aim of preventing these kinds of incidents happening to others.

Jehu filmed Dylan’s story and now as part of every site induction all employees must watch the safety video, his story is a harsh reminder that these types of accidents are still happening within the industry.

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