Sian’s Swaziland Mission

Sian supports Positive Women Charity

Sian Bridge, Community Co-ordinator at Jehu Project Services has just returned from a three-week humanitarian assignment in Swaziland, on the border of South Africa. The Charity Positive Women focus on supporting women and children in rural Swaziland to change their own lives and circumstances. They do this through supporting projects that help alleviate poverty, by protecting communities from harm and creating opportunity, that will lead to significant social change.

Sian, 36, who lives in Barry with her son, got into carpentry over seven years ago. Sian was approached by Positive Women to raise £800, fly to Swaziland and volunteer her carpentry and teaching skills as part of the Positive Women’s ‘Tools for Life’ programme.

Along with five other volunteer carpenters and two Positive Women Charity volunteers Sian and her companions worked with 20 women aged between 20 – 65 years old for three weeks. The aim of the programme is to help women learn a trade allowing them to become self-sufficient.

Sian commented, “The tools for life programme is fantastic, we were able to make a real difference to not only these women’s life’s but also to the community they live in.  We got to work with some amazing women many of which were vulnerable and had been sadly been left in this difficult position after being widowed.”

The volunteers spent the first week teaching the women about basic health and safety and tool maintenance. The programme managed to pack six months of carpentry training into three weeks which allowed the women to successfully build benches to sell.

Sian said, “To build the first bench it took just over four days but once the women had done this their time reduced by half on the second, we actually made 40 benches in total for project. Positive Women donated around a years’ worth of timber, so the aim now is for us to send over some plans and for the women to move onto building shelves, desks, tables etc.”

Nyron Woods, Site Manager at Jehu Project Services commented, “We are so proud of Sian for giving up her time and lending her skills to support this worthy cause. Responsible Business is at the heart this organisation, so Sian stepping up to this challenge is commendable, we’re proud she’s part of Jehu Group.”

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