Our Plan

Responsible Business

We pride ourselves on being a family business. Founded by Jack Jehu in the 1930s, we have grown to become one of Wales’ largest independently owned construction companies. Despite our size and diversity within the group, we are still a family business at heart.

Our business has a great heritage and tradition and we continue to push the boundaries and innovate to improve every aspect of what we do. We continue to grow the business and as we look forward to the future, we want to create a shared understanding with our employees and partner organisations of our aspirations.

Engaging with our employees, customers and supply chain partners enables us to maximise our resources and meet our objectives. Jehu have always sought to do business in this way, being a sustainable and

responsible business needs to become integral to the day-to-day running of a business. This approach can achieve real behavioural change and measurable social results.

The way we do business is changing and we must not only think about the short term returns but also about building longer term sustainable businesses that create economic, environmental and social value. It’s about working in partnership to combat climate change, create employment opportunities, reduce waste, improve health, safety and well-being.

As members of Business in the Community (BITC) our activities align with their model which is illustrated in the RB Wheel below:

Jehu Group Responsible Business

1. Employer of Choice

We are passionate about what we do. As a family run business building and sustaining relationships are important to us. We aim to create and maintain an inspiring, supportive and dynamic workplace where employees will develop and thrive.

2. Developing the workforce for tomorrow

We believe our developments contribute to shaping the communities that we work in. We seek to engage and develop local partnerships which can add value to the vibrancy of these communities and we work to support social regeneration and target recruitment and employment.

3. Sustainability

Our aim is to design and develop homes and neighbourhoods that people want to live in and exceptional commercial spaces that enhance our clients’ reputations.