Merthyr Valleys Homes Employees visit their new home

It’s an exciting time for the staff at Merthyr Valleys Homes, who throughout January were given the opportunity to have a sneaky peak around their new office in Gellideg, Merthyr Tydfil, which is being built by construction firm Jehu Group.

116 staff visited the site and took a tour of the building prior to the big unveiling in April 2018. The new office is just a part of other regeneration plans for the area.

Liz Davies, Customer Service representative at Merthyr Valleys Homes took the site tour and commented: “I am so excited now for the big move, the views here are fantastic, and I love that it’s open plan. It means that departments that we speak to on a daily basis over the phone and email, we’ll now be sitting together which means we’ll build better relationships with our colleagues”

The build was awarded last December 2016 to Welsh based construction company Jehu Group. The 60-week project to build the 15,500 sq foot office will accommodate approximately 130 Merthyr Valleys Homes staff.

Ian Akehurst, Housing Officer also said: “Just from looking at the plans it’s difficult to visualise the actual space, now that I’ve done the tour I’m so impressed. The building is very spacious and will have all of the state of the art equipment, it will be a pleasure to come to work.”

Andrew James, Site Manager at Jehu, said: “We were thrilled to have secured this contract to build Merthyr Valleys Homes’ office. We are now coming into the final stages of the build process, it’s been a challenging scheme generally down to the freak weather conditions but it’s a build we hope Merthyr Valleys Homes will be proud of.”