Simon Street

Name: Simon Street

Job title: IT Manager

Time at Jehu: I’ve been at Jehu for 10 years. I studied IT at Gwent College and worked in a number of industries before joining Jehu.

What do you do in your role?  

I look after the IT support/services for Jehu and our 120 staff. This involves developing the IT strategy for the business, dealing with any IT issues that arise and training our staff on new technologies.

How has Jehu supported you? 

Jehu has always supported my ideas and recommendations for improving the business. A good example of this was when last year I had approval from the board to roll out Office 365, a huge undertaking migrating us from premise services to a cloud hosted service.

Rolling out Office 365 brought everyone to a high level of Office interface, allowing them to enjoy all of the benefits including instant messaging and Business Skype video conferencing. I led the staff training programme, which was the largest single training exercise that Jehu has ever undertaken.

What do you love about working for Jehu? 

I like the family friendly nature of the business and feeling part of a family motivated organisation as opposed to a much bigger corporate, where you are a just number. What’s refreshing about Jehu is its directors who are all very approachable and supportive, always willing to listen to new ideas.

What’s your proudest achievement? 

The project I mentioned above which was Jehu’s largest ever innovation in IT. Change can often be worrying and daunting, particularly in construction where innovation in IT is rare. However, everyone has really embraced this initiative and there has been great take up. I’m really pleased and proud of how the project has gone.

What’s your best quality? 

Being both friendly and approachable. As an in-house IT manager I provide support and service to the rest of the business. Jehu’s staff are my customers so it’s crucial they feel that they are able to approach me. While some staff are IT savvy, often our teams on site aren’t, so I need to knowledge share and train people at all levels.

One of Jehu’s values is ‘innovation’ what does it mean to you? 

As a company we’re always innovating to make our processes better. In my world of IT, this means using the latest innovative technologies to support the business, its end goals and to make it more profitable. We are forward thinking in the IT and technology used,a view re-inforced by people who join us. I want to make sure we remain at the forefront of IT innovation.