Josh Dowley

Name: Josh Dowley

Job title: Trainee Site Engineer

Time at Jehu: My father has worked here for several years and always spoke very highly about the company so when the opportunity arose to join as a management trainee in 2013, I jumped at the chance.

During my first year, I was site based and gained experience of site management, the trades and engineering. For the second year, I worked in the office and gained experience of estimating, QS, technical and purchasing.

It gave me a well rounded experience and an opportunity to decide what I enjoyed the most. I decided to focus on site engineering as I enjoyed being out on site and was always good at maths in school.

What do you do in your role?

My time is spent on site working on the technical side of things. It involves setting out sites, checking technical designs and drawings to ensure that they are followed correctly and supervising sub-contractors.

How has Jehu supported you?

Jehu has been great as they have helped me to find a career that I love. Progression and professional development are really encouraged and I’m fortunate to have been put on several CITB courses.

What do you love about working for Jehu?

Definitely the people. As a trainee, I worked in every department so I know everyone. Everyone is here to help each other and so it’s a really nice environment to work in.

I also like the social side of the company. I’ve taken part in the charity triathlon and five aside tournament to name just a few things in the last year.

What’s your proudest achievement?

I have recently been assigned my first site. Previously I’ve worked under a site engineer, but on this project I’m fully responsible for it on my own. This is a real achievement for me as it shows the company has confidence in my abilities.

What’s your best quality?

I think it’s my willingness. I always go the extra mile and don’t shy away from anything. I like to be busy so even if it’s not my job, I will try and help out.

One of Jehu’s values is ‘quality’ what does it mean to you?

In what I do, there is no room for error. Quality is everything. Once the building starts, it would be massively costly to go back and fix mistakes so quality from the offset is key.