Jodie Follett

Name: Jodie Follett

Job title: Bid Administrator

Time at Jehu: I started in 2008 on a temporary contract in an administrative role. I was then made permanent and worked in an administrative capacity for two years. When our ‘Estimating & Purchasing Assistant’ role got split into two, I got the opportunity to take on the estimating role. Since then I’ve progressed from Estimating Assistant to Bid Administrator.

What do you do in your role?  
There are two aspects to my role. Firstly, completing PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaires). This requires me to liaise with all parties involved to collate the information requested, put it into a presentable format and submit it to the prospective client. If we are successful at this stage, I am then responsible for working on the tender document. I focus on demonstrating how we fulfil the quality requirements and have to collate information to support our tender submission.

How has Jehu supported you? 
Jehu has given me the opportunity to have a career. Since starting as a Bid Administrator I now have a clear career pathway where I can progress from Bid Coordinator to Bid Manager. In helping me to do so, they are investing in training and I have completed courses, such as a bid writing course.

What do you love about working for Jehu? 
I like the fact that it is family run. I have worked in big corporate companies where everyone is just a number and not acknowledged. At Jehu they are accommodating, flexible, instil faith in you to do your job and the people are really nice.

What’s your proudest achievement? 
Definitely when my job role changed as I was given far more responsibility. The way that it was acknowledged was also nice as my line manager sent an email round to the whole company singing my praises. I was really chuffed with that.

What’s your best quality? 
I think my customer service background really helps me in this role as I have to liaise with a lot of people, both internally and externally. I also think the fact that I’m good at working with others, but equally as happy to crack on by myself is another good quality.

One of Jehu’s values is ‘trust’ what does it mean to you? 
Our department is an integral cog to the whole business as we bring the work in. If it wasn’t for us, all of the staff at Jehu and all of our subcontractors wouldn’t have a job, so they all ‘trust’ us to provide them with ongoing work.

We also have to gain the trust of prospective clients which is done initially through the bids we put together. It is crucial that we provide a competitive and fully compliant bid.