Give & Gain Day

Give & Gain Day, coordinated by Business in the Community, is the UK’s only national day of employee volunteering.

In 2016, over 1,000 volunteers from 50 organisations in Wales rolled up their sleeves to improve their communities and use the opportunity to develop their own skills.

On Give & Gain Day 2016, we teamed up with our client Trivallis (formerly RCT Homes) to create a new play area on waste land adjoining the Springfield Court site, where we were constructing new homes for Trivallis.

In the lead up to the day, we have various meetings with Trivallis to decide what we were going to do. We identified this waste land, just outside our site that had the potential to be regenerated helping to integrate the new homes with the existing community and extedning benefits to the local community.

We gained the support from a number of our suppliers, who volunteered their time and donated products for free. For example, a local landscaper donated plants, Jewsons donated materials and school children from Pontypridd High School made planters.

On the day around 40 different people helped out including painters, architects and engineers, working together as a community to paint, plant and assist in transforming this disused piece of land.

Together we created a fantastic play area, which is now enjoyed by the local community and we are already planning what we can do for Give & Gain Day 2017.