Construction Futures Wales Leadership Programmes Level 5 – 7

The Construction Futures Wales programme, run by Cardiff Metropolitan University offers a Postgraduate Certificate (PgC) in Leadership & Management and a Level 5 and Level 7 qualification in association with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). The fully Welsh Government funded construction focused course is aimed at aspiring leaders and managers in the construction industry in Wales

Vince Alm is one of Jehu’s second cohort of managers to undertake the course.

Jehu supported Vince through the ten month duration of the course for modules covering a range of topics including innovation, leadership, finance, competitive advantage and sustainable construction. The course included lectures and coursework, producing written assignments and reading business books.

Vince said: “When Jehu presented me with the opportunity to do this course, I jumped at it.

“Initially I found writing essays hard because I’ve been out of learning environment for some time but as time went on I found it got easier and easier.

“During the course, I’ve read many different business books and it’s been really interesting to see different perspectives. Richard Branson’s book was one of my favourites.

“I enjoyed the module on innovation and entrepreneurship and how to create an environment that breeds innovation. There were some great examples from Dyson and Google.”

As part of the course, each candidate is required to write a Strategic Growth Plan relating to their area of work for their business on completion of the programme.

Vince continued: “With my colleague, Barry, we’ve developed a Strategic Growth Plan around Jehu’s handover and customer care, which I’m really hopeful we can implement.

“The first batch from this course introduced a new QA system as part of their Strategic Growth Plan. This has since been rolled out and the whole company is fully embracing it.

“The course has been really useful and as a company we can already see the difference it is making.

“It has encouraged me to think differently about the industry.

“Sometimes, you get so focused on your day-to-day work you don’t have time to think about the bigger picture.

“This course has given me time to reflect and think about what we do. I’m now challenging myself and the company to continuously improve and innovate.”