BRE SmartWaste

We are committed to sustainable construction and, as such, we have been using SmartWaste, an online tool that allows us to manage and reduce our waste, for the last eight years.

Through SmartWaste, we log environmental information across our entire supply chain with data on waste, energy, transport, water, materials and timber.

The tool provides ideas to prevent waste and how to better manage materials on site. It prompts us to consider what we are going to recycle and what we are going to reuse.

For example, through the platform, we are able to see that we diverted 90% of the waste produced from our 60 bed care home in Neath for recycling, re-use or re-allocation instead of being sent to landfill.

It also allows us to go back over other schemes we have previously worked on so we can learn lessons and see what has worked well.

Thanks to SmartWaste, not only are we improving our waste performance rating and reducing our impact on the environment, but we are cutting our costs.