Andrew Bowen

Name: Andrew Bowen

Job title: Technical & Planning Manager

Time at Jehu: I joined Jehu three years ago to set up the technical and planning department. I have worked in the construction industry since I was 21 and have worked for several of the national housebuilders.

What do you do in your role?

I am responsible for overseeing the technical and planning elements for each of our development sites. At any one time, I could have up to 14 sites on the go, at varying stages.

I take a site from concept phase providing technical appraisals on whether land is viable for development, through to pre-development, planning and construction.

How has Jehu supported you?

From the offset, Jehu has supported me in setting up and subsequently growing my department. They have taken my advice on the processes and structure we need in place in order to have an effective and efficient operation.

From a development perspective, they have supported me in my CIOB chartership and provided me with high level management training. I’m currently doing a PGC in leadership which is important as my team continues to grow.

From a career progression point of view, last year, they promoted me to the operations board, so I now work with my fellow managers on the day-to-day running of the company.

What do you love about working for Jehu?

Certainly the sense of family makes it different from the other companies I’ve worked at and it is something I really like. It means that your voice is heard no matter where you are in the structure of the company. Having worked in PLCs where you are just a number, here you are an actual person and you feel valued for your input.

What’s your proudest achievement?

Probably being part of two developments that have won national awards. In Waterstone Homes we picked up best Residential Development of the year in Wales for Tusker’s Point in Ogmore-by-Sea, as well as a highly commended award in the Best Architecture Multiple Residence category for 51° Latitude apartments in Tenby.

 What’s your best quality?

I’m a strong team player. In my role, there are so many stakeholders that I have to bring together. Often my department is the glue that holds the development together and I like to think I’m good at listening to different perspectives and ironing out any issues.

One of Jehu’s values is ‘innovation’ what does it mean to you?

I have developed a number of innovative processes that have created efficiencies within the business. I have introduced new technology and innovative ways of working and ways of building that help the company be at the forefront of the industry and create the highest quality products in the most efficient way.