Vision and Values

As a third generation family-business, our vision is borne from the desire to maintain a commercially successful business which will continue to grow and develop for the future generations of our family and staff.

Our Vision of Jehu Group is: The company of choice within the construction and property sector.

The Company values have at their heart those introduced by the Jehu family.  We believe that it is only by making these values real to our everyday working relationships and decision making that our teams will be empowered to enable us all to achieve our vision.

Our shared vision and values provide a focus and a framework to guide our behaviours and decisions.  Together they will ensure continued growth and success for decades to come.

Our Values:
What this value means to us:
pride in what we achieve, leaving a legacy to be proud of
striving for high standards and excellence
meeting and exceeding customer expectation through a right first time approach
Marc Jehu
Managing Director Contracting

When my grandfather established Jehu over 80 years ago, it was the quality of our buildings that he wanted the company to be recognised for.  That remains true to this day. We take great pride in the quality of our work.  It is the differentiator between us and our competitors.  For me, quality comes from understanding our customers’ needs and getting it right the first time.

Alyn Evans
Assistant Site Manager

Our projects continue to exist long after we have left site.  I feel a sense of pride and professionalism when I know work is being carried out to a high standard.  When work is done right first time, it saves a great deal of money on rework.  It’s a good feeling to walk away from a job knowing it’s been done properly.

Phil Gardner
Customer Care Manager

We continue to have a relationship with our customers long after they have moved into their new homes.  Therefore, it’s not just about getting ‘it over the line’ with regards to house completion and it’s not just about one project. It is a continuum, one development after another. Our reputation in providing a quality finished product is everything.

Our Values:
What this value means to us:
be passionate and enjoy what we do, enjoying our time in work and the people we work with
getting along with colleagues and promoting a culture of family
celebrating our successes with employees and business partners
Andrea Gardner
Sales & Marketing Director

We feel really proud of the homes we build.  It gives me a real satisfaction to hand over a completed property and see the delight in our customers faces.  We do not simply build houses, we create homes for our customers and this is something we should feel proud and passionate about.

Lucy Dowley
Sales Negotiator

Whether they rent or own, I want the people that live in the houses we build to feel
passionately about turning them into their homes. We all take pride in creating homes and places where people want to live.

Gareth Taylor
Quantity Surveyor

I enjoy my time at work. For me, my family time is also a factor so getting that balance right is important.  Jehu Project Services is a good place to work and I’ve enjoyed working with my colleagues over the last 12 years.

The social activities we organise; like the mountain biking and go karting makes for a stronger team and helps get a better understanding of the people you work with. I look forward to and enjoy our social events.

Our Values:
What this value means to us:
committed to our people; attracting, developing and retaining individuals from all backgrounds into our business
contributing to the communities in which we work creating positive legacy
committed to the health, wellbeing and safety of our employees, colleagues and supply chain partners
Andrew Lycett
Finance & Operations Director

The way we do business is changing.  We must not only think about the short term returns but also about building a longer term sustainable business that creates economic, environmental and social value.  It is only by creating and investing in our teams and relationships that we will achieve this.

Bernie Mark
CSR Coordinator

We create opportunities to make a significant difference to peoples’ lives, not just through the homes we build, but also through the way we seek to build them.  Through purposeful planning and partnerships, we can maximise education and training opportunities and engage with the communities in which we operate. All of which makes our investments more sustainable.

Kevin White
Site Manager

Tusker’s Point sits on the Welsh Heritage Coast.  This is a beautiful area so we will be working with artists to integrate the development into its natural environment.  This will create a sense of identity for the development, characterised by the distinctiveness of the area, ensuring we leave a positive legacy.

Our Values:
What this value means to us:
taking a collaborative approach with our supply chain partners recognising their importance to our business
assisting and encouraging our supply chain partners to grow and develop with us
understanding the needs and priorities of our customers
Martin Workman
Construction Director

Building is a complex business requiring a wide range of skills.  Our relationships with clients, professional services and supply chain partners are key to our business performance and delivery.  We can only succeed if we work together as a team, with a shared understanding and goals.

Vince Alm
Lead Project Manager

Whilst we all have our specific roles to play, it is important that we operate as a single multidisciplinary team.  Our architects, designers, engineers, contractors and procurement teams should collaborate and have a shared understanding, not just of their roles, but of the needs and priorities of our customers.

Glyn Rees
Senior Site Manager

The introduction of Daily Consultation Meetings has significantly improved communications and collaboration on site between everyone.  This is helping to create a much safer working environment on the ground where it really matters most, together with better co-ordinated project management.

Our Values:
What this value means to us:
challenging one another to be astute; to innovate, problem solve and continuously improve every aspect of our business
encouraging boldness, drive and tenacity in the way we work, improving efficiency and providing excellent value to our clients
responding to customer aspirations in terms of design and product developments
Andrew Bowen
Technical & Planning Manager

Innovation in our business is encouraging people to think outside the ‘norm’, exploring the good ideas they put forward, helping to turn them into great ideas and then into effective business processes that improve our overall performance.  To be the best, we need to constantly improve the way we work, innovate and inspire each other to lead in our industry, and evolve our business to meet changing industry conditions.  My message is: don’t be afraid to share ideas when you have them and make yourself heard.

David Thomas
Purchasing Manager

Our homes have always been eye-catching.  However, fashions move quickly and construction techniques and products are evolving all the time too.  If we are to remain competitive in the markets in which we operate, then we have a shared need to challenge what we do and how we do it. We need to seek out innovation and make it happen across the business.

Nick Matthews
Groundworks Manager

18 months ago we had problems resourcing and servicing our groundworks packages.  There just wasn’t the subcontract resource out there to do what we needed and it started affecting our ability to deliver.  The business took the decision to set up our own groundworks function and I am proud to have been a part of this innovative project.  We now have a team of 20 and operate our own excavators and machinery.

Our Values:
What this value means to us:
acting ethically, with integrity and honesty
fairness and respect towards colleagues, suppliers, partners, clients and the communities within which we work
building trusting relationships with colleagues and partners and delivering on our promises
Simon Jehu
Managing Director of Development

Much of our business is about trust. Our clients put their trust in us to deliver high quality buildings.  Our staff put their trust in us to pay their wages and we put our trust in our staff to work well and do a good job.  Work should be enjoyable and no one should feel conflicted in what they do.  We should all feel we work to our own personal values, as well as the Jehu family values.  Business is built on trust and respect; to each other and the people to which we provide a service.  It is integral to everything we do.

Jodie Follett
Bid Administrator

When we put a tender document together it really has to reflect the reality of what we can do as a business.  We have to be certain we can deliver and do what we say we are going to do.  When awarding contracts, our
clients put their trust in our skills and knowledge as well as trust our ability to deliver.

Amelia Landeg
Sales Negotiator

Due to our strong brand reputation, many of our beautiful homes are sold to our customers off plan.  Our customers make the decision to reserve their property today, many months before their homes are actually built, trusting that we will deliver for them.  That feels like a great responsibility.

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